Women Stretching


'Katy has been my Pilates instructor for almost a year now from prenatal to postnatal Pilates both in person and via zoom. She is an amazing instructor, knowledgeable and gentle and a compassionate and personable person with a great sense of humour! As a result, all her classes, no matter the focus or format, are well-structured and very enjoyable. She has supported and pushed me to reach my limits and get stronger and I’m sure my pelvic floor survived labour thanks to her! I could not recommend her enough!!!.' - Sofia

'I have to admit to being a tad nervous to start with, typical bloke mindset , but Katy tailors each session and pushes us to achieve more each week than I thought possible - whilst making it fun at the same time. Would def recommend to anyone else out there, especially if you want to find your Pilates feet before joining a larger open Pilates group.' - Simon 

'Started 2:1 Pilates. After 2 spinal surgeries my confidence in my ability with exercising was low. Katy has given me confidence in my body and she is such a fantastic Teacher that puts you totally at ease. Thank you Katy.' - Mandy

'I’ve found Pilates with Katy to be a great class to introduce exercise and strengthening after having a baby. Katy is excellent at what she does - knowledgable, patient and clearly loves her job. She is also Mum to a little one, so understands how important it is to be able to bring your child with you to class. Thank you Katy for introducing me to Pilates which is both fun and a brilliant way to improve fitness.' - Jemma

'I’ve been taking classes with Katy for over a year now, to start off it was about increasing my fitness and core strength after having my first child. Then I got pregnant at the beginning of 2020 and started her pregnancy Pilates classes which even once they switched to Zoom was an absolute dream! So easy, no childcare required, no travel, and no fancy gym wear required!!! Pilates in you pjs! Katy is the most knowledgeable Pilates teacher I’ve experienced having tried many classes before. She guided us ladies through our pregnancies with genuine care and the difference in my recovery after baby number 2 compared with baby number 1 is so much smoother and I believe that’s down to taking Katy’s classes through the whole pregnancy.' - Sarah

'Been an absolute beginner in the art of Pilates and solo male in the class Katy instantly put me at ease ! Small class size is great and allows focus on individual needs. Will have completed first five sessions tomorrow night and intending to book another five!' - Alan